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  • Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
    "Fujian Province industry automatic technology development base " was allowed to establish

    According to the latest news on the " China technological innovation Fujian information network (http://www.ctifj.com.cn/) “sponsored by the Fujian Province Economic and Trade Committee, Passing through the concerned department responsible for the work, the profession expert's layer upon layer appraisal, " Fujian Province industrial automation technology development base ", leading by our company and uniting the Fuzhou University electrical engineering and the automated institute set up together, has formally obtained the Province Economic and Trade Committee, the Province Science and Technology Department, the Province Education Department, the Province Finance Department's united written reply, and this symbolized our company’s development stepped a new stair in the industrial automation domain.

    The primary mission of the industrial automation profession technology development base is:organizing strength to develop equipment manufacture industry control system research and development, developing industrial automation general character technology and crucial technical research and development; making fully use of enterprise and university's technical resources superiority to help enterprises to solve difficult technical problem; organizing collection of enterprise’s difficult technology problem, popularlizing and introducing university,scientific research unit’s project achievement, them providing the small medium-sized enterprise technology, information, consultation, appraisal, project joint services and so on; collecting domestic and foreign technological development tendency and happening, proposing the profession significant general character and the crucial technology to provide reference for the concerned government department’s decision-making.

    Through 15 years development, FD Automation-Tech Co., Ltd. has become well-known enterprise in the industry, power-and-power uniting with the Fuzhou University electrical engineering and the automated institute will certainly further impel application and the development of our province industrial automation technology, making contribution to promotion our province equipment manufacture industry’s technical level and strengthen machinery equipment product competitive power.(2007.11.8 office providing the writing) .  



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