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  • Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
    Company Chairman Mr. Chen Xin Chu contributes 5 million RMB for alma mater Fuzhou University

    On October 26, Fuzhou University hold the ceremony of naming and openning “Xin Chu building” in the new school area grand to express the most sincere gratitude for Mr. Chen Xin Chu contributing 5 million RMB to the alma mater. Assistant Deputy Governor Wang Yifu attended openning ceremony and he awarded Chen Xin Chu “FujianProvince citizen individual and the social organization donate the education” gold medal, the honor diploma and the honor certificate on behalf of the provincial government.

    Like so many FuzhouUniversity alumnuss, Chen Xin Chu contributing money to encourage education becomes a favorite story in the teachers and students.Mr. Chen Xin Chu concerns the alma mater’s development, supports and helps the alma mater through all kinds of method.At the same time of his enterprise obtaining unceasingly success, he frequently keeps thinking about the alma mater’s graciousness of raise and contributes money and goods to the school many times. May of this year, Mr. Chen Xin Chu donates 5 million RMB to Fuzhou University once more to help the alma mater running school and support the school’s construction. Since FuzhouUniversity been constructed, it ie the highest single donation fund received from alumnus.

    To express gratitude to Mr. Chen Xin Chu, FuzhouUniversity decided to name the Fujian marquis will take to the streets the new school area electrical engineering and automated institute discipline building as “Xin Chu building”. According to the FuzhouUniversity concerned people in charge introduced that, Mr. Chen Xin Chu is the FuzhouUniversity’s alumnuss of 83 session. In July, 1983, Mr. Chen Xin Chu graduated from FuzhouUniversity electrical engineering department electrical machinery and electric appliance major, them successively worked in Mindong electrical machinery plant and Fuzhou University Electrical engineering department. In 1992, Mr. Chen Xin Chu founded the Fujian Province FD automation project service center, in 2000 changed the system to establish Fuzhou FD Automation-Tech Co., Ltd., appointed himself as company chairmen concurrently general manager. This company is evaluated successively by the national information industrial department as the national software industry hundred strong enterprises, is recognized by the information industries department as Fujian software industry ten strong enterprises, is evaluated as “Fuzhou Meritorious service Enterprise” by Fuzhou Municipal party committee, the municipal government, was recognized as “the tax payment credit A level taxpayer” by the Fuzhou Internal Revenue Service, the tax bureau. Because of remarkable the achievement, Mr. Chen Xin Chu is evaluated successively “youth science and technology pivot man” by the group provincial party committee, the provincial science committee, is awarded “the Fujian youth science and technology prize” by the provincial party committee organization department, the province personnel departments, the provincial science committee and so on, is recognized as “Fujian Province to donate the education information industries system model labor” by the information industries departmentt.(Reporter Xu Hanyu) (2006-10-28)



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