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  • Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
    The Chinese Communist Party FD Automation Party branch year general meeting of party members convenes smoothly

    In this having achieved great achievements golden fall October, when the whole nation joyfully celebrating the People's Republic of China 55th anniversary birthday, we welcomed the Fuzhou FD Automation-Tech Co., Ltd. party general membership meeting to convene grandly.

    At the congress on October 5, several dozens of party member comrades coming from each place subsidiary company and office exercised party member's right and fulfilled party member's duty, according to the related stipulation of "Party constitution". This congress item by item considered the branch’s five probationary party members’ application to be put on regular status, passed by discussion the application report of establishing company general party branch, Foshan Subsidiary company Party branch, Shanghai Subsidiary company Party branch, Xiamen Subsidiary company Party branch, as well as produced by voting election the list of candidate committee members of main branch committee, various branch committee and so on ,such as Huang Qihan, Chen Mili.

    At the afternoon work meeting, all party member on how to maintain party member's progressiveness in the new time, exert party branch's function in the enterprise, the existenced insufficiencys and the suggestion of them in the enterprise's development and construction and so on subjects, everybody speaks freely. Vice-general manager Mr. Nie, in charge of the personnel administration, specially attended the  meeting in spite of being very busy, and made the important speech on behalf of Mr. Chen and all levels of leaderships, he gave the full affirmation to the vanguard and exemplary role all party member displaying in the work, simultaneously proposed 5 hopes to all party member, encouraged everybody continue to maintain party member's progressiveness, To be the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comforts., offered advice for the company growing strong.




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