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  • Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
    Acceptance check of Fujian Province industrial automation project engineering research center

    On October 16, 2002, acceptance check of FujianProvince industrial automation project engineering research center undertaked the construction by the Fuzhou Huafang computer project limited company and our company hold in the base company conference room.

    Persons Attending this approval meeting included Provincial Science and Technology Agency vice director Fu Weiguo, the personnel office and high-new-Tech Department sector chief, Huaneng Fuzhou Power plant factory assistant manager, Huafang computer project limited company manager and provincal various engineering research center leadership.

    The acceptance check hosted by the province science and technology department high-new technology and industry science and technology office Assistant Deputy Office Chief Lin Qiu. First vice director Fu Weiguo speech, he made a speech and gave a guidance statesment about province project engineering research center construction, simultaneously speak highly of the achievement automation project center obtained. Company chairman concurrently General Manager Chen Xin Chu Comrade reported the company’s operation management mechanism and the informationization construction situation to the leader and the experts, vice-total engineer Zheng Yuanxing Comrade reported the project center construction situation to the attending leader and the expert. Fellow experts have carried on the thorough appraisal and discussion about the automation project center construction, fully affirmed the automated project center construction’s achievement, thought the automated project engineering research center already had comprehensively completed task on the project contract, had possessed function as the automated profession project engineering research center, and could well fulfill the project engineering research center’s responsibility, unanimous approvaled through acceptance check.The acceptance check come to a successful conclusion in the cordial atmosphere.



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